The company ETS Boukellal was established in 2009 as a date exporter facility under PRESTIGE DATTES trademark. Our story commences with our initiative to introduce superior dry fruits in the European market. We work specifically with the tasty and nutritious date fruit. This sweet and savoury snack is considered the gem of the desert. Dates are among the revered nutritious dried fruit that is symbolic of vitality and growth, providing the body with energy, vitamins, fiber and iron in abundance.

Today, we are a market leader in the packaging, processing, and export of high-quality deglet nour dates also known as “dates of light”. Because the entire supply chain is in our hands, we are able to ensure the very best products. We are proud that PRESTIGE DATTES are among the most sought-after dates in the world, but we are also delighted to supply dates to supermarkets, retail chains, distributors and manufactures wishing to market their fruit under their own brand names.

Our Vision

To delight the world with finest dates and lead the industry with innovation.

Our values

Delight, Quality and Innovation are our main values. We are committed to serve with the finest deglet nour dates available on the market – a fruit that is simply divine!

Our Mission

Be a market leader and provide our clients with organic date fruit in all its glory and finer forms.

Our company is actively exporting to different parts of the world, notably to Europe, Asia, and Middle East, with the annual turnover of more than 5,000 tones of dates. Long-standing work relations with importers around the world attest to ETS Boukellal’s fair and honest business, practices, and outstanding customer service.

Considering the fast growing size of the factory and increasing demand for dates worldwide, we are always in search of new offerings in order to expand our reach and delight more customers.

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An everlasting Taste

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Our facility is perfectly located in the industrial zone of Algeria, closely to the heart of date plantations, and is the definition of technological advancement and automation. The geography and climate of the region are ideal for date production. Ancestral know-how in the caring of date palms and the harvesting of the fruit are passed from generation to generation, yielding crops that are hard to match in other areas.

Complementing these traditions, ETS Boukellal growers have rapidly adopted the most advanced agriculture methods and equipment. This powerful combination of ancient knowledge and modern technology put the cooperative far ahead of other facilities. Our factory has dedicated dates sorting, washing and packaging lines as well as specialized lines for date syrup and date paste. We are proud to produce dates that repeatedly set industry standards in quality, appeal, and consumer satisfaction.

Our finest deglet nour dates are grown and delivered from Sahara, particularly from places such as Tolga, El Oued, Ouargla and Grara. Tolga, El Oued, Ouargla
and Grara.
The receiving centre is strategically placed in Djamaa city nearby the date plantations for an efficient handling of deliveries, conducting evaluation and pricing of goods.
Dates are delivered to the main factory in Setif with the annual production capacity of 5,000 tones which are processed according to the international standards and quality systems of ISO.


ETS Boukellal has a proven reputation for consistently delivering the highest quality and this is combined with outstanding quality service and reliability. Whatever the quality criteria – size, colour, lack of blemishes, consistency, taste, shelf-life, and humidity retention – we regularly achieve the highest marks in the industry. Stringent attention to all factors has made our company the official supplier of leading retail chains in Russia and a favourite throughout Europe.

In order to satisfy our client’s expectations as well as any party interested, here at ETS Boukellal we are committed to the establishment of an integrated management system according to the ISO 22000 certificate. Our approach always deliberate and innovative to permanently ensure the continuous improvement of our integrated management system as meeting the requirements applicable to our products, our services, and activities.


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